part-time manic pixie dream girl.

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so everybody at afropunk was freaking gorgeous

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Before u make fun of someone’s foreign accent, take some time to think about how they speak more languages than u and how u are a failure

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What’s the difference between 10 cocks and a joke?

I can’t take a joke.

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yeah babey


yeah babey

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snoop dog going around in a blonde bob wig telling people he’s a white man named Todd is the best piece of performance art of 2014

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i just want a wonderful marriage, some kids, and like five dogs.

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gedankenspaziergang said: hi:) Could you explain why Zoe Saldana is problematic? thank you



"Yeah. Morgan Freeman said it. And I was just told this when I was doing an interview: He’s not going to talk about racism. I’m not going to talk about it. Yeah, it’s an elephant. We all see it, we all know it, but I’m not going to carry it in my heart, because I want to be a person that embodies change. Not embodies war or battles or bitterness; I want to keep moving on."

We have a Black president right now, so why the f— would I sit down and talk about how hard it is for Black women in Hollywood when there’s a Black president in my country?” Zoe Saldana Ebony Magazine

  • And finally, this abomination:


Donning a blackface and a fake nose to portray Nina Simone, a dark skinned black woman who struggled immensely with her blackness throughout her entire life. This is a direct slap in the face to Simone’s legacy and dark skinned black women. If Saldana really cared about Simone (she doesn’t), understood her personal struggles (again, she doesn’t), she would have turned down the role and given it to an actress that is more suitable to play Simone (I nominate Adepero Oduye). She doesn’t realize the amount of privilege she has in Hollywood being a conventionally attractive, skinny, light skin black woman. What’s so irritating about this casting is at the end of the day Saldana can easily remove the dark skin, the wide nose, and Simone’s adversity but Nina Simone couldn’t do that.  -G


sometimes all u can say is “yikes” and just move tf on lol

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Where is the lie??


Where is the lie??

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I take super hot showers because I like to practice burning in hell

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When you see me show me your bachelors, show me your masters. That’s the best thing you can do for me, as my fan.


i haven’t found the source video yet.

I love the way Nicki encourages people with education. I’ve seen her ask about report cards on Twitter and tell young people to bring their C’s up to B’s and B’s up to A’s. And this quote is too awesome. ❤

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my anaconda dont want none unless you got funds hun

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